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Our wines
From traditions passed down through the ages, Jules Muller wines reflect the best of Bergheim. They have always delighted the palate of connoisseurs by their distinction and complexity. Offering an unrivaled freshness and finesse, they are the perfect accompaniment for the most delicate of dishes. These are the great gastronomic wines of Alsace.

The Bergheim soil, with its special geology, each year gives our wines an important aging potential, ensuring a beautiful acidic structure.
The harvests and the production are respectful of traditions, favoring harvesting by hand and the integrity of the grape. Close to nature, human intervention is limited as much as possible in order to allow the full potential of our wines to shine through.
bottle wine sylvaner wine sylvaner
The Sylvaner is a white wine, delicately fruity and light. It is pleasant and refreshing and shows great vivacity. This wine beautifully compliments cold meats, sea food and fish.
bottle wine pinot blanc wine pinot blanc
Soft, delicate, combining freshness and fluidity, it represents a happy medium in the range of Alsace wines. The Pinot Blanc is so well-balanced that it would compliment most dishes.
bottle wine riesling riesling wine
Riesling is king of the dry white wines. This gourmet wine « par excellence » delivers a bouquet of floral and mineral notes. This wine is recognised as one of the best white grape varieties in the world.
It is an essential accompaniment for all fish or sea food-based dishes, white meats and of course with choucroute.
bottle wine muscat wine Alsace muscat
The Alsace Muscat distinguishes itself from the sweet Southern Muscats by its dry character. Very aromatic, it perfectly expresses the flavour of fresh fruit.
It is an ideal wine for aperitifs. It is also recommended as an accompaniment to asparagus.
bottle wine pinot gris wine pinot gris
Pinot gris offers a characteristic opulence and flavour.
Robust, rounded and lingering on the palate, it offers complex aromas of undergrowth sometimes slightly smoked or floral. Accompanying a foie gras it offers a moment of intense delight and would just as equally compliment game, roast meats or white meats.
bottle wine gewurztraminer wine gewurztraminer
Gewurztraminer is a wine of many superlatives, as the sensations it arouses are so varied, intense and rich. It is the most famous of the Alsace wines. This true star is powerful, strong, well-rounded and its intense bouquet offers this smooth, unrivalled Gewurztraminer aromas of flowers, fruits and spices.
Also available in Magnum.
bottle wine pinot noir wine pinot noir
The only grape variety in Alsace to produce a red or rosé wine where the fruitiness evoques flavours of cherries, it is aged in oak barrels, thus giving the aromas a more complex and robust structure. This wine, served cold, compliments red meats, game and cold meats.
bottle wine sparkling wine wine cremant d'Alsace
The Crémant (sparkling wine) is known for its elegance, its refinement. It is part of the Alsace grape varieties which use, and have done for centuries, traditional methods which are part of the cultural heritage of our region.
The Crémant of Alsace compliments the most sophisticated of French gourmet dishes, depending on its variety: white, rosé... It is just as perfect for evening parties as it is for enjoying with friends or family.
Our wines
Just outside the medieval city of Bergheim, the vineyard of Altenberg de Bergheim extends over the steeply sloping south face of the Grasberg, at an altitude between 220 and 330 meters. This site has a warm temperate microclimate and has been renowned for its fine wines since the end of the 13th century. Altenberg de Bergheim Grand Cru wines are remarkable for the perfect balance between their subtle, distinguished aroma and their powerful, virile body. They are gastronomic wines per excellence.
bottle wine sylvaner wine sylvaner
The classic aromas of spices and exotic fruits are refined by the over-maturation or the noble rot and by the terroir of the Altenberg de Bergheim which confers on this Gewurztraminer minerality and exceptional finesse. Its length in mouth harmonizes marvelously with the residual sugar which accompanies it. It has fine intensity and harmony, ending with a long, floral and spice aftertaste. An aperitif of great distinction but accompanies also magnificently foies gras, strong cheeses (Munster, Roquefort) and the desserts. 15 years of aging potential with no problem at all.
bottle wine pinot blanc wine pinot blanc
Thanks to old vines and an exceptional terroir of the Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergheim, this Riesling develops a complex bouquet of fruits and white flowers refined by an elegant minerality. Very long and rich in mouth, this dry wine will match magnificently to top gastronomy and particularly the fishes and poultry in sauces.
bottle wine riesling riesling wine
The microclimate of the Grand Cr Altenberg de Bergheim allows the PINOT-GRIS to reach a beautiful maturity with some overmatured grapes. The nose is marked by a beautiful concentration and aromas of quince, apricot as well as smoked notes. On the palate, a light roundness and a good length allow it wines to accompany foie gras, sweet and sour dishes, spicy ethnic dishes, game food or strong cheeses.
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