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the vineyard
the vineyard
Muller wines, a princely history since the turn of the 19th century

The story of Jules Muller wine is unique. It resembles that of a monarchy which has left, throughout time, an indelible imprint in history. Jules Muller wine is a rare wine which brings together all different personalities …all those who have a taste for exceptional wine. It traverses the greatest of palates, with its delicacy of flowery aromas and its finesse.

Its golden grape varieties, from Gewurtztraminer to Riesling, will amaze you with their intensity. The Emperor Napoleon and Queen Elizabeth 2 have fallen under its spell. These golden secrets have also been revealed at grand dinners given by the great chefs of the Elysées as well as Danish, American and English chefs. Moreover, it was a Jules Muller wine which was chosen for the dinner which reunited, in 1961, General de Gaulle and John F. Kennedy at the Chateau of Versailles.

The history of Jules Muller wine is mythical and will remain as such for both connoisseurs and for the best gourmet tables around the world. Today, they export this wide selection of flavours internationally and the reputation of its Alsace “grand cru” is well established.

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Bergheim, regional prestige

On the Alsace wine route, BERGHEIM takes pride of place. This medieval city, steeped in history, has numerous parcels of land rich in clay-limestone soil.
This range of soil represents an opportunity and originality, which when combined with the exposure of the soil, bring to the Jules Muller wines an inimitable personality. The pride of Bergheim, the ALTENBERG DE BERGHEIM is a listed “Grand Cru” place name and reputed for its wines since the 12th century.
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